Our identity

Since 1989, we have been manufacturing and supplying professional equipment for the fashion and field services industry. We supply products such as eyewear rolling cases, tool bags, PPE bags, sample bags, Fire brigades bags, Folding Rack, garment bags, etc.

With its Headquarter located in France, our expertise and reputation have grown and evolved in line with various markets and with our customer's requirements in Europe and North America.

Our mission

ENJOY carrying, protecting and presenting your ranges.


You must carry your content professionally and safely. We offer ergonomic solutions according to your needs.

Whether your samples & equipment are heavy or light, your safety and your comfort are our number one priorities.


Your content may be priceless. That's why we offer containers that guarantee the optimal protection for your equipment.

Thanks to our robust and innovative materials.


On the field and during each meeting with clients you and your team must have the highest level of presentation. Our products are designed to provide you the highest level of accessibility to your collections, samples or equipment.  

Your representatives will look more professional, organized, efficient, enhancing your corporate branding and client experience.

Our Products

Standard or customized products, our experience allows us to meet your requirements. Our sales team works with our designers and engineers to offer functional bags and rolling cases adapted to your everyday working conditions.

From the concept to the manufactured product, we control the whole chain of manufacturing. All are products and components are tested on laboratory offering the highest level of quality.

Our team is at your service

You have questions? You need a sales consultant for a project?

Our team is here to answer all your questions.




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