This time it was in Las Vegas for three days,
and it had a different vibe from NYC’s edition in April: both of them were good in their own ways! 

One of our current client, ARBOR, popped by and we were glad to talk about their experience with our bags

We also had the opportunity to meet new clients that are interested in working with us.

“Bags are our brand image” we heard from our clients at the event. “Our brand identity is well reflected with our logo imprinted. “

Plus they said they love that we’re going the extra mile to always find a solution to fix something that went wrong with our bag, like a wheel for example.

The way they present their products makes it classy and always on point with their brand image.

@prettydone at Vision Expo

We were also very lucky to meet a local artist from Las Vegas who was at the event for the whole 3 days.

He asked 2 questions about happiness to people he was meeting, and painted the answers on a blank canva which became a full painting at the end of the event.

A reel melting pot of views on happiness. His name is @prettydone on Instagram, feel free to check out his artwork. 

On behalf of the entire Bag PRO team, we sincerely thank you for joining us this year!

We’ll be there for every event in the future, we love the dynamic at Vision Expo. We stand by our clients and by our products!

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